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October 2021

Differences in the in vitro effectiveness of preparations produced from mistletoe of various host trees

Journal/Book: Arzneim.- Forsch./ Drug Res. 36 (3), 433-436. 1986;

Abstract: The in vitro effectiveness of three Helixor preparations produced frommistletoes of different host trees on suspension cell cultures of thehuman leukemia cell line Molt 4 has been compared by means ofdose-response investigations. After 72 h treatment the preparationproduced from mistletoes of the appletree (Malus) shows the strongesteffect on the growth and viability of the cell cultures. The preparationproduced from mistletoes of the fir (Abies) shows also an evident butmuch weaker effect, whereas the preparation produced from mistletoes ofthe pine (Pinus) causes a weak effect only at a very high dosage. Asshown in 24-h incorporation experiments with 3H-labelled DNA-, RNA- andprotein precursors the preparation produced from mistletoes of theapple-tree reduces the protein synthesis of the cells to a greaterextent than the DNA-and RNA-synthesis. Author.

Keyword(s): CELL-LINE

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