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October 2021

Are lectins of VISCUM ALBUM interesting tools in lung diseases ? A review of recent results

Journal/Book: Z. Erkrankung Atm. org. 166 (3), 247-256. 1986;

Abstract: The data presented provide evidence that lectins isolated from differentsources such as Abrus and Ricinus seeds and Viscum leaves arestructurally related proteins and are probably homologues. The lectinshave overall similarities in physical, chemical and biologicalproperties. These proteins appear to be immunologically closely relatedand possess a high degree of conservation in their primary structures,anticipating a role in fundamental pathways common to all plants.Methods for the preparation, purification and characterization of theViscum album lectins and comparative crossreactions with closely relatedlectins of the "toxic lectin" group are summarized. The biologicalproperties of Viscum album lectins, especially their reaction withphagocytes, (phagocytosis), basophil granulocytes (histamine release)and tumour cells (inhibition of tumour growth) are presented andcompared with those obtained with an anti-tumoral preparation derivedfrom Viscum album, ISCADOR. Author.

Keyword(s): AMINO-ACIDS/AN (analysis)

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