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October 2021

Steigerung der Körpereigenen Abwehr bei chronisch rezidivierender Tonsillitis

Journal/Book: Fortschritte der Medizin. 1986; 104: 843-846.

Abstract: A randomized double-blind placebo study with the bacterin Symbioflor I in a total of 160 patients with chronic recurring tonsillitis proved the safety and efficacy of this drug. Symbioflor l (83 patients) and placebo (77 patients) were applied orally during a period of six months. The total score of clinical parameters in the Symbioflor group changed by 95.99%, in the placebo group by 67.99%. The difference between the treated groups is significantly in favour of Symbioflor I. A total of 72.2% patients in the Symbioflorgroup became symptom-free in contrast to 27.8% in the placebo group. This difference is significant (p < 0.0000). The treatment influences cellular and humoral immune parameters, however, differences are significant for IgM data only. The available laboratory data exclude relevant side-effects.

Keyword(s): Bakterienpräparate

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