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October 2021

Erhebung zur Häufigkeit von Diätverordnungen in medizinischen Universitätskliniken und Krankenhäusern der Regelversorgung

Author(s): Kluthe, R.

Journal/Book: Akt Ernähr. 1986; 11: 66-70.

Abstract: A retrospective survey was conducted an the type and incidence of dietary prescriptions in certain disease patterns conditioned by diet, in university departments of medicine and in general hospitals. all these clinics were fully equipped to meet all the demands made an a modern and rational diet. However, diabetes was the only disease in which the incidence rate was satisfactory, whereas the procedures varied widely in respect of all other kinds of diet. The rare use of low common salt diets in hypertension was absolutely unsatisfactory, and so were the dietary regimens in hyperlipidaemia and hyperuricaemia. The low degree of importance assigned to dietary problems in hospitals is illuminated by the fact that the family physician was informed by the hospital of in-patient dietary prescriptions in only about one-half of the cases.

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