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November 2021

Der Herzinfarkt als Versagen der rhythmischen Mitte

Author(s): Heckmann, C.

Journal/Book: Erfahrungsheilkunde. 1986; 35: 75-84.

Abstract: The heart, being central to circulation and to the human organism as a whole, coordinates numerous activities. Not only do outward movement and psychological excitement affect heart function, abnormal disturbances also hinder cardiac function (bronchial asthma, diabetes mellitus). Thus the heart is directly and indirectly involved in both short and long term extracardial changes in the organism.The anthroposophic three-fold organisation of the organism clearly defines the relationship between the nervous-sensory function and imagination; the will is based on the activities of the metabolic and muscle organs without which man cannot act; feeling and perception are interwoven with all rhythmic processes which are concentrated in cardiac and pulmonary rhythms. In this way the psychological side of man is related distinctly to specific organ functions. Taking the biography as a whole, imagination and thinking are related to the past, the will is directed towards the future and only feeling is experienced in the present.Physiologically, the human organism is integrated in a number of rhythmic processes (biological rhythms). One can distinguish between a long, a medium and a short wave range of the spectrum. The most important ordering principle in the long wave range is phase integration, the synchronisation with the environment. In the short wave range it is the frequency modulation. In the medium range it is the harmonising coordination, i.e. the primary ordering principle is the striving for integral relationships (e.g. a frequency relationship of 4 : 1 for pluserespiration).The empirically in the acute stage of myocardial infraction and the return to normalcy during the healing process are demonstrated in case reports.

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