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November 2021

Die Auswirku. hoher Anzahl.v. Lebensfäh. Bifidobact. Bifidum auf d. intestin. Mikrobielle Ökolog., Tox. Proteinstoffw.-Prod. u. Leberfunkt.: Eine kontroll. klin. Studie b.Leberzirrh. m.port. Hypertension

Author(s): Leimbeck, R., Flasshoff, H.

Journal/Book: Mikroökologie und Therapie. 1986; 16: 287-295.

Abstract: The effect of viable Bifidobacterium was examined in a clinical study in liver cirrhosis. During a 6 week observation period patients received a standard diet and the same basic medication. Bifidobacteria were administered during a 14 day treatment period in increasing dosage. A significant reduction in fecal pH was observed in cases of severe portal hypertension during the treatment period related to increased fecal Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium counts. As a consequence, hyperammonemia was reduced significantly. Urea nitrogen excretion was not altered significantly. Prothrombin time increased significantly. Serum cholinesterase activity increased, however, this was not significant. During the treatment period hepatic protein and urea synthesis were improved. This effect faded out during the post treatment period. The data presented indicate that administration of viable bifidobacteria in patients with portal hypertension improves impaired protein tolerance and reduces toxic protein metabolites significantly.

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