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October 2021

Behandlung der nachlassenden Herzleistung

Author(s): Jansen, W., Bernhöft, G., Bartsch, G.

Journal/Book: Fortschritte der Medizin. 1986; 104: 805-808.

Abstract: The efficacy of 3 x 1 Crataegutt® novo film-coated tablets versus placebo was tested over a period of six weeks in a double-blind, cross-over study carried out in 36 multimorbid patients (62-84 years) suffering from decreasing cardiac performance by monitoring hemodynamic data before and after exercise (25 and 50 W x 2 mins) and by evaluating success of the therapy assessed by the physician, patients' subjective wellbeing, and the results of two psychological ratings (NOSIE and BPRS). The pressure heart rate product significantly decreased under the active substance under exercise conditions and in the recovery phase, blood pressure values being lowered as a sign of decreased after load and the heart rate slowing. A decrease in the number of prematurely terminated exercise sessions is evidence of an increased tolerance to loading. The success of the medication was associated with an improvement in the patients' wellbeing, including psychological parameters.

Keyword(s): Herzleistungsfähigkeit im Alter

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