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October 2021

Langzeitergebnisse in der Behandlung der Adipositas mit Ohr-Akupunktur

Author(s): Pöntinen, P., Kalinowski, J.

Journal/Book: Akupunktur - Theorie und Praxis. 1986; 2: 69-79.

Abstract: We have studied and treated with ear press needles on the "vagus area" of auricle 1200 patients suffering from obesity in years 1982-85.In an initial study of 374 patients the appetite-decreasing effect and the effect on ventricular feelings reported was near by 90% of the patients. The weightreduction was good as compared to other studies of weigthreduction. Side effects were very rare, but positive acupuncture "enclosed" were suprisingly common: e.g. falling of high blood pressure, diminishing of migraine, pain, insomnia, gastralgia. Because of that we were starting further studies.35 hypertension patients (all belonging to North Carelia Project) had got over 10% reduction of their bloodpressure after 9 weeksÂ’ treatmentperiod and near by quite good results after 1 year. The best results did have patients suffering from over 30% obesity and hypertension. Other good medical indications are diabetes, sciatica, arthrosis and adipose patients getting ready for operative treatments.

Keyword(s): Ohrakupunktur

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