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October 2021

Beeinflussung der Schmerzempfindungen bei benignen Erkrankungen der weiblichen Brust durch Akupunkturbehandlungen

Author(s): Bunzel, B., Pfersmann, C.

Journal/Book: Deutsche Zeitschrift für Akupunktur. 1986; 4: 85-91.

Abstract: 17 patients with painful chronic mastopathia were treated with acupuncture after exclusion of malignancy, 1 0 acupuncture sessions (twice a week) using a combination of points established by the author, were performed. Before and after treatment the quality of pain was assessed by a psychologist. Beside that, a global rating scale was used by the patients altogether 10 times to describe the course of pain intensity for the total treatment period. The rating, that ranged with the upper 50% of the scale before treatment, dropped in all cases but one to the lower 50% scale. The assessment of pain-quality also showed a significant improvement. Acupuncture seems to be an acceptable alternative for treatment in benign chronic pain of the female breast.

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