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October 2021

Die Beeinflussung der Phagozytosefähigkeit von Granulozyten durch homöopathische Arzneipräparate

Author(s): Jurcic, K., Doenicke, A., Rosenhuber, E., Behrens, N.

Journal/Book: Arzneim Forsch/Drug Res. 1986; 36 (II): 1421-1425.

Abstract: Four homoeopathic drug preparations with extract dilutions between D1 and D30 (expression for the homoeopathic grade of potencies) and some additives (minerals and animal toxins) were investigated, using two in vitro and one in vivo phagocytosis models. All preparations enhanced significantly the activity of phagocytosis in all used systems.In controlled prospective single-blind studies with the preparations C and D performed on 12 and 14 verum and 13 male placebo volunteers respectively with i.v. injections with a 5-day treatment the phagocytosis indices were measured during 11 days using the microscopic smear method. In both investigations the maximum of phagocytosis activity was reached between the 4th and 5th day of injection. After the 4th or 5th (next to the last or last) injection, a rapid decrease of activity occurred which reached normal values on the 11th day. Other laboratory parameters investigated were not influenced.

Keyword(s): Homoeopathic plant preparations

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