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October 2021

Akupunktur bei Schmerzen im Kopfbereich sowie bei Blepharospasmus ohne organische Ursache

Author(s): Leydhecker, W.

Journal/Book: Klinische Monatsblätter für Augenheilkunde. 1986; 189(2): 167-169.

Abstract: In patients with functional ophthalmological disturbances classical acupuncture therapy was compared to a technique of inserting the needles close to superficial nerves. Seventy-five patients with migraine, 47 patients with functional blepharospasm, 18 with trigeminal neuralgia, and 9 with posttraumatic pain syndromes were treated. Treatment comprised seven sessions at four-day intervals. Of 62 patients undergoing classical acupuncture, 21 (33.9%) were subsequently free of complaints and 33 (53.2%) felt a great improvement. Nerve points were stimulated in 83 patients, 31 (38%) of whom were completely free of symptoms after treatment, and 45 of whom (54%) felt much better. Hence, there was no marked difference between the two methods as regards therapeutic effect. These results support the concept of acupuncture therapy being a combination of dermal stimulation and suggestion. The therapeutic approach to pain or blepharospasm by use of the mainly suggestive effects of acupuncture is recommended only if underlying organic diseases can be ruled out.

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