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February 2019

Respiration. 1985 ; 48(4): 340-5.

[Spirometric monitoring of the effects of puncturing thoracic pain points in asthmatic disease]

Luu M, Maillard D, Pradalier A, Boureau F.

The effects of puncture of thoracic pain points on ventilatory abnormalities were studied in 17 asthmatic subjects. For the tested group (n = 8), the painful character of the points was the only criterion for the choice of puncture sites. References to classical acupuncture points were not made. The points chosen for the control group (n = 9) were in extrathoracic zones (lower limbs). VEMS was significantly higher (p less than 0.05) after puncture of thoracic pain points whereas no shift was observed after puncture in the extrathoracic zone. VC was not modified by either technique.

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