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February 2019

Neirofiziologiia. 1985 ; 17(2): 147-52.

[Effect of electroacupuncture and morphine on evoked potentials in the oral and caudal trigeminal nuclei in the cat]

Dolgikh VG, Durinian RA, Reshetniak VK.

Electroacupuncture effects on the functions of the oral and caudal trigeminal nuclei were comparatively analyzed in acute experiments on cats narcotized by hexinal (50 mg/kg). Responses evoked in the caudal nucleus by tooth pulp stimulation were inhibited while responses to mouth mucosa stimulation remained unchanged. In the oral nucleus responses to both types of stimulation were relieved. The same results were obtained in an experiment with systemic injection of morphine (5 mg/kg). It is suggested that different parts of the caudal nucleus are responsible for the transmission of discriminative and diffuse components of the nociceptive signals to the specific and nonspecific projection systems. The oral nucleus may be involved in the transmission of signals about mouth lesions conveying the necessity for defense reactions.

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