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January 2022

[Recognition of emotional states by epileptics from voices]

Author(s): Tets, I. S., Shlepakov, I. M.

Journal/Book: Zh Nevropatol Psikhiatr. 1985; 85: 840-6.

Abstract: Seventy-four patients with focal epilepsy were examined by means of a specially devised complex of experimental techniques. It was shown that epileptic involvement of the temporal lobes (in particular the anterior and mediobasal regions) of both hemispheres was associated with disorders of recognition of the emotional coloring of speech and non-speech sound complexes. Maximum disorders in the comparison of unorganized sound rows were observed when the right temporal lobe was involved, in the comparison of emotions when the left lobe was affected. Difficulties in recognizing melodies and emotions were observed in patients with temporal foci in the left and the right hemisphere but it was especially marked after surgery on the structures of the left temporal lobe. The degree of the disorders was primarily due to the severity of the organic damage of the brain rather than to the localization of the epileptic focus.

Keyword(s): Auditory Perceptual Disorders|CO. Emotions|. Epilepsy, Partial|CO/PX/SU. Perceptual Disorders|CO. Voice|

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