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November 2022

The use of motivation modification techniques in Adlerian psychotherapy

Journal/Book: Individual Psychology Journal of Adlerian Theory, Research and Practice. 1985; 41: 489-495.

Abstract: Examines how motivation techniques can be used to help clients overcome reluctance or resistance to change within 3 phases of Adlerian psychotherapy (relationship building, identification of basic mistakes and insight, and re-orientation). Phase 1 involves techniques of winning respect, offering hope, and creative arts therapy. Phase 2 involves hidden reason therapy (designed to help parents obtain insight into the motivation behind children's misbehavior) and the "could it be" question technique (designed to make the individual aware of private logic associated with behavior). Phase 3 involves an imaginary deathbed review of major life events and a bow-and-arrow technique in which the counselor shows clients how their short-term goals are incongruent with long-term goals. The techniques associated with each phase are briefly described. It is suggested that clinicians should be aware of their client's motivational state and should employ modification techniques that maximize the client's ability to make long-term personal change. (13 ref)

Note: motivation techniques in Adlerian psychotherapy; reluctance or resistance to change; clients

Keyword(s): Motivation ; individual psychology; psychotherapeutic techniques; psychotherapy

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