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January 2022

Teaching skills for anger management to primary students using music and other expressive arts: efficacy of intervention and possible socioeconomic relationships

Abstract: The purpose of the study was to examine the efficacy of a learning package designed to teach skills for anger management using the expressive arts. The relationship of socioeconomic status to measured ability of students to manage anger was also considered. The subjects (n = 37) were first and second graders from two elementary schools in Olathe, Kansas, a Title I school and a non-Title I school. The Meeker-Ault Pictoral Feedback Tool was administered to both a control and a treatment group from each school, before and after the leqrning package intervention was administered. A three factor analysis of variance revealed significant differences for pre-posttest and treatment/control variables, subjects scoring higher in treatment and posttest groups. However, no significant interaction was discovered between these variables. Socioeconomic status (SES) was not indicated as making a significant difference, although Title I mean scores were generally lower than those of non-Title I subjects. SES and three-way interactions also were not significant.

Note: anger-management, Meeker-Ault-Pictorial-Feedback-Tool.

Keyword(s): expressive-arts, skills, music, elementary, children, socioeconomic-status.

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