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December 2022

Carl Jung and Heinz Werner and implications for foundational studies in art education and art therapy

Journal/Book: Arts in Psychotherapy. 1985; 12: 95-99.

Abstract: Suggests that Jung's theory laid the groundwork for much recent research in both art education and art therapy. His greatest influence on child development theories and psychology lay in his early influence on the work of H. Werner (1948). Werner argued that primitive people and children had a logic that was of a different type than that of modern Western adults, and Jung maintained that the verbal and visual contents of the productions of his patients were not nonsense but could give deep insight into the nature of their psyches. Werner also believed that it was natural for artists to perceive things physiognomically, and he wrote about the nature and function of metaphor in art and imagery. Both Jung and Werner's general system of thought helps to explain many actions that are not consistent with logical thought and demonstrates that the more physiognomically related elements of adult Western thought are elements of a different perceptual system. Many conflicts within personalities can thus be seen in terms of a conflict of these 2 systems of logic. (12 ref)

Note: theories of Jung & H. Werner; implications for foundational studies in art education & art therapy

Keyword(s): Art therapy; art education; jung carl; theories ; cognition ; psychologists

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