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August 2022

Relationship of skin temperature changes to the emotions accompanying music

Journal/Book: Biofeedback Self Regul. 1985; 10: 255-67.

Abstract: One hundred introductory psychology students were given tasks that caused their skin temperatures to either fall or rise. Then they listened to two musical selections, one of which they rated as evoking arousing, negative emotions while the other was rated as evoking calm, positive emotions. During the first musical selection that was presented, the arousing, negative emotion music terminated skin temperature increases and perpetuated skin temperature decreases, whereas the calm, positive emotion selection terminated skin temperature decreases and perpetuated skin temperature increases. During the second musical selection, skin temperature tended to increase whichever music was played; however, the increases were significant only during the calm, positive emotion music. It was concluded that music initially affects skin temperature in ways that can be predicted from affective rating scales, although the effect of some selections may depend upon what, if any, music had been previously heard.

Keyword(s): Emotions|PH. Music|. Skin Temperature|

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