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November 2022

When time counts: Poetry and music in short-term group treatment. Special Issue: Time as a factor in groupwork: Time-limited group experiences

Author(s): Price, Barbara D.

Journal/Book: Social Work with Groups. 1985; 8: 53-66.

Abstract: Investigated the effectiveness of poetry, music, and time used as therapeutic agents in short-term (7-session) group treatment conducted with 6 18-36 yr old depressed college students. Findings show that these techniques provided a means to reduce dependency and establish boundaries compatible with agency limitations. Specific poetic techniques used include sharing a preexisting poem or song and inviting reactions and construction of a group of collaborative poems. Further guidelines and suggestions are delineated. Case material from sessions is presented. Particular attention is given to the use of time, poetry, and music to motivate and activate Ss. Group developmental stages within a brief time frame are also examined. A discussion of strengths and limitations of the approach is included. (18 ref)

Note: poetry & music & time as therapeutic techniques in short term group therapy; 18 36 yr old depressed college students

Keyword(s): Depression emotion; brief psychotherapy; group psychotherapy; poetry ; music ; adulthood

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