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August 2022

Effects of instrument type and orchestral position on hearing sensitivity for 0.25 to 20 kHz in the orchestral musician

Author(s): Sherman, R. E., Aldridge, J., Lorraine, A.

Journal/Book: Scand Audiol. 1985; 14: 215-21.

Abstract: Minnesota Orchestra members (42 males, 18 females) aged 24 to 64 years, all asymptomatic for hearing problems or ear disease, were evaluated with a hearing history questionnaire, otolaryngologic examination, and pure tone audiometry for the conventional (0.25 to 8 kHz) and extended high frequency (9 to 20 kHz) ranges. Hearing sensitivity was examined with respect to musician instrument type, years of playing, and orchestral stage position. Type of instrument played and position on the orchestral stage had no significant correlation with hearing loss.

Keyword(s): Audiometry|. Audiometry, Pure-Tone|. Hearing Loss, Noise-Induced|ET. Music|. Noise|AE. Noise, Occupational|AE. Occupational Diseases|ET

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