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January 2022

[Influence of melodic "context" on recognition memory for pitch]

Journal/Book: Shinrigaku Kenkyu. 1985; 56: 132-7.

Abstract: Seven male and seven female subjects were ask to make pitch recognition after a retention interval, during which a six tone-melody was interpolated. Two interpolated melody conditions were used: "High-Tonality melodies" and "Low- Tonality melodies". It was found that in the conditions of "High-Tonality melodies", correct recognition rates were superior for "the scale tones" at the pitch positions Do, Re, Mi, Sol, La relative to each of the interpolated melodies. Relationship between short-term memory for pitch and melody recognition was discussed with our hypothesis that we have an internal modal scale schema. Moreover, a few predicted figures of response were discussed with reference to our data.

Keyword(s): Memory|PH. Music|. Pitch Perception|PH. Psychoacoustics|

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