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January 2022

[Effect of delayed auditory feedback on melody recitation]

Author(s): Yoshida, S.

Journal/Book: Shinrigaku Kenkyu. 1985; 56: 229-32.

Abstract: The effect of delayed auditory feedback (DAF) was investigated by reciting melodies of three levels of complexity (simple, medium and complex), consisting of five tones and five beats per second. Four normal adult subjects recited these melodies with/pa/under 10 conditions of 0 to 900 ms delay (100 ms step). DAF effect was measured by DAF index (1- CPR(t)/CPR(0), CPR: correct performance rate per second, t: delay time). The results were as follows. All subjects had high DAF indices on the complex melody, middle on the medium and low on the simple. The maximum DAF indices were observed under conditions of 100 to 300 ms delay time. The vocalization was most frequent to tones with leap in musical interval. The individual differences of DAF effect were observed. The results were discussed by the external and internal feedback systems for speech control.

Keyword(s): Music|. Verbal Behavior|

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