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March 2023

La figurabilite de l'affect. (The figurability of affects.) Colloquium: The status of representation in psychoanalytic theory in 1984 (1984, Deauville, France)

Journal/Book: Revue Francaise de Psychanalyse. 1985; 49: 857-869.

Abstract: Discusses the figurability or expressibility and psychodynamics of the Freudian affects either outside the psychotherapeutic set, or within it, or at the intrapsychic level. New linkages (e.g., between representation of word and affect, utterance and music, representation of thing and the affect, shape and color, defiguration of affects in abstract representation, reduction or transformation) are considered. Metapsychological conceptualizations include (1) a look at the representation of affects through shape and color as condensation and (2) viewing the sensory aspects of affects as transformation of inner psychic sensations into sensory perceptions. Linkages between language and the preconscious are also mentioned.

Note: representations of affects in Freudian psychoanalytic theory; conference presentation

Keyword(s): Psychoanalytic theory; emotions ; symbolism ; professional meetings and symposia

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