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December 2022

Dental health in professional musicians. A radiographic study in dental conscious subjects

Author(s): Eliasson, S.

Journal/Book: Swed Dent J. 1985; 9: 225-31.

Abstract: A study has been performed covering the oral health of 247 professional musicians in Stockholm aged 21-60 yr. In an earlier study the oral hygiene was found to be of a high standard. The following part of this study concerned dental health i.e. remaining and intact teeth, decayed and filled proximal surfaces. All registrations were made on intraoral full mouth surveys. The number of remaining teeth was large, but decreased with age. In the 51-60 age group, 24.1 teeth remained on average. The number of teeth intact ranged from 55-28% of remaining teeth in the youngest and oldest age group respectively. A total of 555 caries lesions were registered on proximal surfaces, 49.1% being primary lesions in the enamel, 21.4% primary lesions into the dentin and 29.5% secondary lesions. Only 3.3% of all filled surfaces showed secondary lesions. The number of secondary lesions increased with age. A total of 30.9% of the subjects showed no proximal lesions. It was concluded that in adults who have adopted proper oral hygiene it is possible to preserve a large number of teeth and to limit the deterioration caused by caries.

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Keyword(s): Adult. Dental Caries/epidemiology/radiography. DMF Index. Human. Jaw, Edentulous, Partially/epidemiology. Middle Age. Music. Oral Health. Oral Hygiene. Support, Non-U.S. Gov't. Sweden

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