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August 2022

Picture-time: A nondirective approach to art psychotherapy

Journal/Book: Arts in Psychotherapy. 1985; 12: 171-180.

Abstract: Presents a structured, nondirective approach to art psychotherapy called picture-time, in which the client is provided with a sheet of paper at each session along with 8 colored crayons, and the therapist records a verbatim account of the client's story or comments about the picture he/she produces in each session. This approach offers no directions or limitations regarding content or process. It is argued that picture-time provides an excellent format for therapists in training, is adaptable to different populations, lends itself well to archetypal and developmental research by providing a week-by-week record of the psyche's movements within the therapeutic hour, and offers the client the opportunity to give form to the formless and meld product with process and doing with being. The pictures and stories produced by a 7-yr-old boy over his 1st 2 mo of therapy illustrate the development of a new order for aspects of the S's psyche and an association of the process with the therapeutic relationship. (6 ref)

Note: picture time as nondirective approach to art psychotherapy

Keyword(s): Art therapy; psychotherapy ; drawing ; psychotherapeutic techniques; childhood

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