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January 2022

Histaminrezeptortragende Lymphozyten. 3. Suppression von Immunreaktionen nach Abtöten histaminrezeptortragender Lymphozyten durch ein Konjugat aus Histamin und der A-Kette des Mistellektin I.

Journal/Book: Biomed. Biochim. Acta 44 (7/8), 1239-1245. 1985;

Abstract: Conjugates of the A-chain of the mistletoe lectin I and histamine butnot A-chain per se inhibit the capacity of spleen cells of the mouse toinduce antibody response or graft-versus-host reaction by 90%. Theconjugates killed 27% of the spleen cells, 60% of the T-, and 15% of theB-lymphocytes. The receptors for histamine could be shown to be of theH2-type, because only H2-antagonists inhibited the toxic influence ofthe conjugates. The results suggest the hypothesis that not onlysuppressor cells but at least the majority of the immunocompetent cellsbear receptors for histamine. The A-chain-histamine conjugate representsan "affinotoxin" which is cytotoxic only after affinity binding onreceptors of the target cell. Author.

Keyword(s): ANIMAL

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