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November 2022

Indikation und Gegenindikation des Fastens bei Gastroduodenopathie

Journal/Book: Ärztezeitschr f Naturheilverf. 1985; 26: 381-382.

Abstract: During fasting the entire intestinal secretion, digestion and resorption process is indeed relieved but for the gastric and duodenal region this does not always mean relief, recovery an regeneration as it is generally the case within the frame of the typical vegetative total change. The reason for this peculiarity must be seen in the pepsin and acid secretion which, in case of any failure in the regulation, leads to autoaggressive damages.Patients suffering from ulcus ventriculi but also from gastritis not only respond to fasting in the florid state but often still show typical fasting complaints even after years of an interval without any clinical symptomatology. The possible reasons therefore are discussed including the latest somatostatin research. The tolerance range of the disturbed fine entern-hormonic accord cannot be exactly determined for each individual case. Therefore, strict zerocalorie fasting or fasting with sweet drinks as fruit juices and teas sweetened with honey are contraindicates in such cases. The change to fasting with isocaloric gruel and similar cereal dishes and/or skim-milk helps to prevent such mistakes and makes fasting without any complaints possible and that without affecting the other effects of fasting. With respect to the known psychosomatic influence an such symptomatology fasting should an principle only be performed under medical control and preferably in a clinic specialized in such courses of medical treatment. Then a beneficial effect of fasting can be expected.

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