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November 2022

CO[2] - Bädertherapie. Auswertung eines Symposiums mit internationaler Beteiligung

Journal/Book: Z Physiotherapie. 1985; 37: 75-98.

Abstract: A survey is given of the Symposium with international participation "CO2-Balneotherapy" at Bad Elster from 18th to 21st May 1983, the basis of which were lectures and discussions supplemented by insertions of relevant literature. New results concerning the qualitative absorption of CO2 (nuclear-medical and isotope-chemical measurements), the physiogy of the effect of CO2 at the cutaneous vessels, the hydrostatic pressure and the effects of temperature in the water and gaseous bath as well as concerning the cardiological aspects of the use of the car-bogaseous bath remedies are reported. While the CO2-balneotherapy occupies an ascertained place in the therapeutic concept, e. g. of the ischaemic heart disease. as area of emphasis, in con-trast to the activating formation of therapy, it is at present still capable to be enlarged eventually in the region of the treatment of latent or only moderately distinct cardiac insufficiencies. Finally aspects on the practice of the CO2-balneotherapy and on the relevant scientific research work are reported.

Keyword(s): CO2-Bädertherapie

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