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November 2022

Vegan Diet Regimen with Reduced Medication in the Treatment of Bronchial Asthma

Journal/Book: Journal of Asthma. 1985; 22: 45-55.

Abstract: 1. Thirty-five patients who had suffered from bronchial asthma for an average of 12 yr, all receiving long-term medication, 20 including cortisone, were subject to therapy with vegan food for 1 yr. In almost all cases, medication was withdrawn or drastically reduced. There was a significant decrease in asthma symptoms.2. Twenty-four patients (69 %) fulfilled the treatment. Of these, 71 % reported improvement at 4 months and 92 % at 1 yr.3. There was a significant improvement in a number of clinical variables; for example, vital capacity, forced expiratory volume at one sec and physical working capacity, as well as a significant change in various biochemical indices as haptoglobin, IgM, IgE, cholesterol, and triglycerides in blood.4. Selected patients, with a fear of sideeffects of medication, who are interested in alternative health care, might get well and replace conventional medication with this regimen.

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