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August 2022

Orale Behandlung der Pollenallergie

Author(s): Dietschi, R., WŁthrich, B.

Journal/Book: Der informierte Arzt/ Gazezze Mťdicale. 1985; 6:

Abstract: As part of a prospective study in 1982 and 1983, the treatment of pollen allergy with pollinosis capsules containing 30 to 140 fermentation-opened pollen grains was investigated. In 1982 cure was obtained in 73 per cent of the 22 patients. In 1983, 16 patients received the pollinosis capsules a second time, but improvement was obtained in only 25 per cent. In a group of 20 patients who received the capsules for the first time in 1983, the success rate was 45 per cent, but not a single patient was cured. The method of oral desensitization is discussed against the background of the literature. The pollinosis capsule treatment is not desensitization in the narrow sense because the capsules contain not only the clinically important but also a large number of irrelevant pollen grains for which no sensitization exists. This approach is an alternative for patients who express the wish for a natural method of treatment and who refuse subcutaneous desensitization.

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