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August 2022

Gutartige Veränderungen der weiblichen Brust

Author(s): König, W.

Journal/Book: Therapiewoche. 1985; 35: 5909-5912.

Abstract: In a prospective study the influence an mastopathia fibrosa cystica was examined with either high doses of proteolytic enzymes + Rutin only or in a combination with alpha-Tocopherol. The group comprised 247 female patients. 124 females were treated exclusively with enzymes. After 6 weeks 80 patients out of this group were free from complaints. After treatment no visible changes in the ultrasound could be detected in these patients in the meaning of mastopathia fibrosa. The second group comprised 123 cases. Those patients were administered 2 times 10 dragees Wobenzymd pro die and in addition 1000 mg alpha-Tocopherol pro die (E-Mulsin®fortissimum). Through this treatment successful results were obtained in 85% of the cases. Furthermore, the subjective improvement took place here significantly earlier than in the first group. Though relapses occured relatively often and after different intervals they could be eliminated through repeated treatment. No side-effects were observed.

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