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January 2022

Life Sci. 1984 Jun; 34(23): 2233-8.

Electric acupuncture stimulates non-parietal cell secretion of the stomach in dog.

Zhou L, Chey WY.

Effects of acupuncture and electroacupuncture (EAP) on gastric secretion were studied in the interdigestive state of five conscious dogs prepared with esophagostomy and gastric cannulas. Both EAP and acupuncture without electrical stimulation produced significant increases in gastric secretion of bicarbonate and sodium. At the same time, a marked decrease in gastric secretion of acid was noted. EAP clearly demonstrated a greater effect on gastric secretion within these three parameters than did simple acupuncture. The fact that the effects of EAP and acupuncture on gastric secretion of bicarbonate and sodium were completely blocked by either a local anesthetic agent or anticholinergic agent indicates that gastric secretion involves a somatic afferent-visceral reflex mechanism in which a cholinergic nerve plays a role.

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