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January 2022

Ann Allergy. 1984 May; 52(5): 355-62.

Hyposensitization in hay fever with grass pollen extracts: a three-year study comparing a dialysed alum adsorbed extract with allpyral.

Haahtela T, Wihl JA, Munch E, Vilkka V, Hagelund CH, Watson HK.

Immunotherapy with a dialysed aqueous extracted alum absorbed extract of grass pollens and with undialysed pyridine extracted alum precipitated extract of grass pollens (Allpyral) was compared in 58 patients with hay fever over a three year period in a randomized open study. Both types of treatment resulted in similar immunological responses as measured by changes in grass specific serum IgE and IgG. The dialysis of the grass pollen material did not decrease or increase the stimulation of specific immunoglobulins. The incidence of both local and systemic side effects was similar in both treatments. More injection site granulomata occurred in patients treated with the new alum adsorbed extract, although the difference did not achieve statistical significance. Symptom-medication data showed that patients who received the conventional pyridine extracted materials obtained a better clinical response, but all treatments gave continuing clinical benefit in each successive year.

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