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January 2022

Phys Ther. 1984 Jun; 64(6): 924-8.

Method of determining optimal stimulation sites for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation.

Berlant SR.

This article describes a technique that allows therapists to use a transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation unit and a finger to probe for the superficial points of nerves. The therapist holds one electrode of the stimulator channel in his hand and places the other electrode of the channel on the patient. The therapist then places his index finger as near as possible to the superficial point of the nerve innervating the patient's area of pain. The amplitude is then slowly increased until the patient reports a paresthesia radiating along the course of the nerve stimulated and into the area of pain. The rationale underlying this technique and its advantages and limitations are discussed. Because many of the points detected with this technique correspond to effective acupuncture points, the technique may also be a method of detecting those acupuncture points that are associated with nerves.

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