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January 2022

Arzneimittelforschung. 1984 ; 34(12): 1791-8.

[Clinical experimental test and equilibrimetric measurements of the therapeutic action of a homeopathic drug consisting of ambra, cocculus, Conium and mineral oil in the diagnosis of vertigo and nausea]

Claussen CF, Bergmann J, Bertora G, Claussen E.

This paper presents a study by means of a modern neurotological technique for investigating the action and the site of action of an antivertiginous drug. The sensory motor tests are able to discriminate the sites of the lesions in the equilibrium regulating system, i.e., peripheral vestibular system, lower brainstem regulating system, upper brainstem nystagmus generating system and supratentorial system. Acoustic brainstem evoked potentials add information. A sample of 40 vertigo and nausea patients was treated by a combined drug, containing cocculus D4 210 mg, conium D3 30 mg, ambra D6 30 mg, mineral oil D8 30 mg (Vertigo-heel). The patients received 3 tablets 3 times per day during 14 days. An initial investigation was performed just before starting the treatment. A second directly followed the therapy. By subjective self-rating 57.5% of the patients reported on an improvement after the intake of Vertigoheel. Statistical evaluations showed that the different vertigo and nausea symptoms as well as the trigger mechanisms of vertigo and nausea (i.e. getting up, turning the head or gazing aside), highly significantly improved due to the therapy. The objective sensory motor tests showed a highly significant improvement in the monaural caloric butterfly chart as well as in the vestibulospinal head and body sway. The site of the action of Vertigoheel is in the brainstem and the Medulla oblongata, especially the middle longitudinal fascicle (MLF). The localisation in this area can be stressed by the investigation with acoustically brainstem evoked potentials (ABEP).(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS)

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