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January 2022

Cult Med Psychiatry. 1984 Dec; 8(4): 349-69.

Health care and health care seeking strategies among Puyallup Indians.

Guilmet GM.

This study replicated Kleinman's research on family-based popular health care in Taiwan among the Puyallup Indians of Washington. Standardized interviews were conducted among 80 Puyallup families to determine family health practices and beliefs, and the patterns of referral to professional practitioners. Comparisons are made between the Puyallup and Taiwanese family health care practices and health care seeking processes. The author concludes that the relative absence of folk medicine and the availability of free medical care among the Puyallup are the most important factors causing the variance between the rates of family treatment and the patterns of health care seeking behaviors between the Puyallup and the Taiwanese.

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