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January 2022

J Manipulative Physiol Ther. 1984 Sep; 7(3): 149-55.

Vascular ischemia of the cervical spine: a review of relationship to therapeutic manipulation.

Crawford JP, Hwang BY, Asselbergs PJ, Hickson GS.

Techniques employed by chiropractors in adjusting fixations of the cervical spine have often been a subject of criticism by other health care professionals. A primary concern is the potential risk of vascular occlusion in this region, subsequent to manipulative therapy. Although rare when compared to the millions of such manipulations given over a corresponding period of years, several reports exist to support the possibility of such an occurrence. Recent evidence, however, suggests that manipulation alone may not be solely contributory. Other extrinsic and intrinsic factors may play important roles in predisposing individuals who seek chiropractic intervention. Such factors are reviewed with the intention of establishing chiropractic professional awareness to such entities and to illustrate the need for a greater corroboration among health care professionals.

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