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January 2022

Fortschr Med. 1984 Sep; 102(35): 862-5.

[Inoculation hepatitis caused by acupuncture. Clinical cases studied over a 9-year period]

Schmid E, Hörtling G, Kammller H.

In the period between 1976 and 1983, at a hospital in the south of Germany, 17 cases of hepatitis (16 hepatitis B, 1 NANB) were probably, and 4 further cases possibly, traceable to prior acupuncture performed by a non-medical practitioner. In recent years, the incidence of hepatitis B has, in general, decreased, probably through the elimination of post-infusion type B hepatitis. Acupuncture hepatitis has now attained such a degree of importance that in any case of type B or NANB hepatitis, the patient should be questioned as to possible previous acupuncture treatment. Imperfect disinfection and sterilization in the offices of those practising acupuncture must be disclosed and remedied.

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