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January 2022

J Ethnopharmacol. 1984 Feb; 10(1): 1-156.

Tabernaemontana L. (Apocynaceae): a review of its taxonomy, phytochemistry, ethnobotany and pharmacology.

Van Beek TA, Verpoorte R, Svendsen AB, Leeuwenberg AJ, Bisset NG.

The taxonomy, phytochemistry, ethnobotany, and pharmacology of the genus Tabernaemontana L. (Apocynaceae) is reviewed. The genus is currently being revised taxonomically; most of the segregate genera are being reunited with it and the number of species that will ultimately be recognized will probably be about 100. All the names encountered in the chemical and ethnobotanical literature have been evaluated as far as possible, and a list is presented of the recognized species and their synonyms. The biogenesis and classification of the indole alkaloids found in Tabernaemontana species is set out and some problems in the determination of their stereochemistry are discussed. To facilitate access to the information, three lists have been compiled: the alkaloids in alphabetical order; the alkaloids in order of increasing molecular weight; and the alkaloids grouped according to their biogenetic classification, together with the species and plant part(s) in which they are known to occur. Biogenetic and chemotaxonomic aspects are briefly considered. A table of the non-alkaloidal constituents is also included. The ethnobotany of individual Tabernaemontana species is outlined and an overall assessment made. Likewise, information on the pharmacology of crude extracts and individual alkaloids from Tabernaemontana species has been assembled and appraised.

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