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January 2022

Ter Arkh. 1984 ; 56(9): 34-6.

[Use of graded bicycle ergometry as a method for the objective evaluation of the efficacy of reflexotherapy in the early stages of hypertension]

Monaenkov AM, Lebedeva OD, Demina IF.

Graded bicycle ergometry was used to evaluate the efficacy of pathogenetic auriculo-paravertebral reflexotherapy (RT) in 24 patients with stages IB and IIA of essential hypertension (EH). After RT was completed the subjective symptomatology, central hemodynamics, and heart work improved. The increment of the minute volume of the circulation in response to graded exercise decreased, especially in patients with stage IB of EH. These patients also showed a reduction in the heart rate. The total peripheral vascular resistance dropped both at rest and after exercise. After RT the patients with stages IB and IIA of EH manifested a decrease in the loading heart index and intensity of the functioning of the structures, with that decrease being more demonstrable in patients with stage IIA EH, which attested to the lowering of heart muscle oxygen consumption. The decreased intensity of the functioning of the structures in patients with stage IB EH points to the diminution of myocardial hyperfunction marking the hyperkinetic circulatory pattern in these patients.

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