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January 2022

Acupunct Electrother Res. 1984 ; 9(4): 195-201.

Sensory potentials evoked by stimulation of the Jing points at the hand.

Bossy J, Prat D, Sambuc P.

Stimulation of Jing points at the hand, evokes sensory potentials measurable at the arm on the acupuncture points located above the corresponding nerve courses. Seven normal subjects were studied. The better electrical permeability on the Chinese point is confirmed. Only one impulse allows obtaining of a response through fibres belonging to group II, but the averaging of 32 to 256 response samples is necessary to give evidence of the fibres belonging to groups III and IV. Acupuncture sensation (De Qi) appears as a consequence of correct stimulation of an acupuncture point, that is of the various structures in relation to it.

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