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January 2022

Acupunct Electrother Res. 1984 ; 9(3): 157-64.

Experimental meridian line of stomach and its low impedance nature.

Xiang ZZ, Ming XR, Guo XJ, Zhuang YS.

Applying electrical impulse stimuli at the Jing point (St. 45) and then tapping on the skin surface along the vertical lines crossing the channel of the stomach, the line of latent propagated sensation along channel (LPSC) was determined in 51 patients at the acupuncture clinic. Of the cases examined, 98 percent were found to have positive LPSC lines which were basically coincident with the classical stomach channel. Using a low frequency skin impedance detector, the skin impedance of the entire lines of LPSC was found to be lower than its adjacent areas.

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