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January 2022

Acupunct Electrother Res. 1984 ; 9(3): 141-50.

Effectiveness of acupuncture and physiotherapy on myogenic headache: a comparative study.

Ahonen E, Hakumaki M, Mahlamaki S, Partanen J, Riekkinen P, Sivenius J.

Twenty-two tension-neck and headache patients were divided into acupuncture and physiotherapy groups. The quantity of muscle tension (motor unit potential spikes per time unit) was estimated three times before the beginning of the therapy, four times during a therapy period of four weeks, and two times during the follow-up period of 28 weeks. Pain level was also estimated using a visual analogue scale. In both of the groups a significant reduction of muscle tension was observed during the therapy period. After a follow-up period of 28 weeks, there was still a significant reduction of EMG activity in both groups. Also, the subjective level of headache decreased in these groups during the therapy period, and it was also significantly lowered after 28 weeks of follow-up. It is concluded that either acupuncture therapy or physiotherapy relieves pain in tension-neck and headache patients.

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