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January 2022

Acupunct Electrother Res. 1984 ; 9(2): 79-106.

Morphological data concerning the acupuncture points and channel network.

Bossy J.

Through its traditional rules, the practice of acupuncture requires knowledge of the channel networks and point locations. For nearly three centuries, morphological research did not show any evidence on peripheral morphological support of the channels. Their courses appear as referred sensations, and the persistence of propogated sensations along the channels in amputees and their cessation after total section of the spinal cord implicates a neuraxial participation. The spatial sequence of the segmental centers seems to be the indispensable primary structure. Through the various centers having a topical organization, the somesthetic areas appear as the necessary structural support of the propogated sensation along the channel. Acupuncture points are less discussed as a basis of acupuncture in the West, but they do have equivalences in all medical systems. Nervous structures are necessary for acupuncture to work, and complete denervation totally suppresses the effect of the points. There is not only one type of acupuncture point but many of them, and the concomitant stimulation of multiple and clearly defined structures is necessary to obtain the acupuncture sensation, De Qi. Thus, the effect seems strictly correlated with convergence of nerve impulses on the primary centers. Lastly, accurate anatomical knowledge of the point and its correct puncture (location, direction, depth) are indispensable to get satisfactory therapeutical effects and to avoid iatrogenic incidents.

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