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January 2022

Bull Tokyo Med Dent Univ. 1984 Jun; 31(2): 93-8.

Effects of acupuncture anesthesia on the pituitary gland.

Umino M, Shimada M, Kubota Y.

The skin pain threshold was elevated significantly by weak and nonstressful acupuncture stimulation. Although an analgesic effect was obtained by acupuncture stimulation, the beta-E, ACTH, GH and TSH levels were not changed. These findings indicate that these hormone levels were not necessarily related to the skin pain threshold elevation. It is concluded therefore that an analgesic effect was induced without involving the pituitary gland by the weak acupuncture stimulation employed in our study. However, the magnitude of the stimulation may determine whether or not an analgesic effect is mediated by the pituitary gland. The possibility remains that strong acupuncture stimulation produces stress-induced analgesia (SIA). Further detailed research should be attempted.

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