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September 2019

[Effect of music on motor reaction time and interhemispheric relations]

Author(s): Ivashchenko, O. I.

Journal/Book: Zh Vyssh Nerv Deiat. 1984; 34: 212-8.

Abstract: Influence of music on motor reaction time (RT) was studied. Warning and triggering stimuli were presented either in the left or in the right visual fields. RT was recorded when playing classical or variety music; control sessions were not accompanied by music. Music shortened RT, and its stimulating effect was the stronger the longer were the initial RTs without music. The influence of variety music was more effective than of the classic one. RT was shortened more when the triggering stimulus was presented in the left visual field. This phenomenon is considered to be an evidence of predominant influence of music on the right cerebral hemisphere due to greater activation from emotional structures.

Keyword(s): Cerebral Cortex|PH. Music|. Reaction Time|PH. Visual Perception|PH

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