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February 2020

Prenatal Stimuli through music therapy

Author(s): Leboyer.

Journal/Book: British Journal of Music Therapy. 1984; 15: Herfortshire, UK. British Society for Music Therapy 69 Avondale Avenue East Barnet EN4 8NB Hertfordshire UK. 8-l4.

Abstract: A study of the use of prenatal stimuli in the specific treatment of severely mentally handicapped children. Music therapy is part of a holistic setting. The paper reviews studies on prenatal psychology that take account of intrauterine sensations. Evidence is provided of sleeping programmes that incorporate lullabies with the sound of the heartbeat. More detailed discussion describes the recreation of an environment similar to the uterus: shape, colour, size, temperature and auditory and tactile sensations. Loudspeakers placed under a waterbed enable the combination of tactile sensations and auditory vibrations. Baby massage as devised by Leboyer after traditional Indian methods is also included. The music therapy sessions last about one and a half hours.

Keyword(s): prenatal-stimuli, lullaby, sleep, mental-handicapped, children, massage, holistic.

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