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September 2019

Ergebnisse des Konzentrationstrainings bei normalintelligenten, konzentrationsschwachen Schulern. / Results of concentration training in normally intelligent pupils with poor concentration

Author(s): Kossow, Hans Joachim, Schulz Wulf, Gertrud

Journal/Book: Psychiatrie, Neurologie und medizinische Psychologie. 1984; 36: 152-160.

Abstract: Investigated the effectiveness of 2 concentration training programs tested on 40 boys of normal intelligence who had severely impaired concentration spans. 20 of the Ss received rhythmic music therapy, and the other 20 received a special teaching program based on psychological principles. Psychostimulants were administered to 10 Ss from each of the 2 groups. Outcome of treatment was assessed by comparing the treated Ss with an untreated group of pupils also having reduced concentration spans. Results indicate that Ss who received additional psychostimulants achieved the greatest gain in learning as a result of concentration training. It is concluded that the special teaching program is generally superior to rhythmic music training. (Russian abstract) (15 ref)

Note: special teaching program vs rhythmic music training; concentration; males with normal intelligence & severely impaired concentration

Keyword(s): Concentration ; students ; special education; music therapy; skill learning; childhood

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