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November 2019

A Model Course of Music Therapy Study in Heidelberg

Journal/Book: Musiktherapeutische Umschau. 1984; 5: STUTTGART. G. Fischer Verlag. 149-156.

Abstract: The article describes four aspects of the development and organisation of a study course model for students of Music Therapy. A concept for the admissions interview has evolved which helps to determine the most suitable candidates from among a large number of applicants. The clinical placements with their varying work requirements help to link practical training with the theoretical elements of the course. These are presented in a listing of academic and examination requirements. The report of the work of the music therapy clinic integrated in the college shows how during their study course the students can experience, to their own and the patients' benefit, the diversity of their future professional work.

Keyword(s): Study-course-model, music-therapy-clinic, Heidelberg.

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