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August 2019

Rhythm and Tempi in Art Therapy

Author(s): Marcia-Rosal, M. A. , ATR. Art-therapist, Schonell-Education-Research-Unit, University-of-Queensland.

Journal/Book: Australian Music Therapy Association Conference Proceedings. 1984; Australia. Australian Music Therapy Association 2/31 Abercrombie street 3103 Deepdene Australia. Collected Works.

Abstract: Rhythm and tempo, although traditionally regarded as phenomena indigenous to the field of music, are elements which have great importance to art therapists. This lecture will focus on three issues on rhythm and tempo. First, the importance of rhythm and tempo in psychological states will be discussed. Included will be information on the nature of rhythm, on the way in which people experience rhythm, and on the relationship between rhythm and emotional states. In addition, the results of a research project which investigates the relationship between tempo, and arousal states, and the formation of clay sculptures will be presented. The results of this research indicated that sudden and unexpected changes in external tempo can disrupt an individuals internal balance and that this disruption can consequently be reflected in arts products created by that individual. Practical applications of rhythm and tempo to the field of art therapy will be the final issue discussed. Rhythm and tempo can be used in arts therapy assessment and also can be therapeutically applied in art therapy sessions.

Keyword(s): Art-Therapy, rhythm, tempo, research, expressive-arts.

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